Why work with a NARPM property manager?

NARPM® property managers have heightened expertise and industry knowledge to assist them in doing the best possible job. They are real estate professionals who know first-hand the unique challenges of managing rental property in today’s constantly changing economic and legislative environment. And they know how to manage those challenges to everyone’s benefit. They can maximize rents and income for you; and they will manage the property efficiently, professionally and economically.

A NARPM® member stands apart from other property managers and landlords. Unlike many of them, NARPM® members:

  • Have access to numerous educational opportunities.
  • Adhere to the highest Standards of Professionalism and Code of Ethics.
  • Know the landlord/tenant laws for your city, state and federal governments.
  • Know rent values and vacancy factors.
  • Have rental applications and consistent screening policies to meet legal obligations.
  • Perform thorough move-in and move-out property evaluations.
  • Are personally familiar with reputable painters, electricians, roofers, chimney cleaners, carpenters, landscapers, furnace and appliance repairmen, and other maintenance professionals.
  • Are able to effectively negotiate with tenants, handle difficult issues and enforce the terms of the rental agreement.
  • Have the ability to recover NSF checks, evict tenants and collect bad debts.
  • Your rental property is a very valuable asset. Entrust it to someone that can help you maximize your investment and minimize your headaches!
How do I know if Im getting a good tenant?

With our property management company, we provide online professional screening.  As your manager we screen for credit, criminal records, verify income/employment, landlord references and scheduling for occupancy.  We send out the appropriate letters of denial and notify them they have the right to credit information.  

What happens if the tenant doesnt pay the rent?

This is one of our strong suits as property managers.  We personally post eviction to see if the tenant is still in the property.  If the tenant hasn’t initiated the conversation on a late payment we will post 3 day notice of unlawful detainer.

When will I receive my disbursement check?

After the tenant has been out of the property at least 30 days, as per our lease.  We will also have to wait utill all billings,  especially the utilities are in.

What happens to the tenants security deposit?

We deduct all expenses and loss of rent from the Sec. Deposit, any balance remaining is refunded to the Tenant.

Who pays the recurring monthly bills?

The Owner of the rental property does. 

Am I informed of all the repairs you make on my property?

For all repairs over $150 you are notified via email.  If it involves water or heating we will spend what it takes to get them up and running, unless it requires a new furnace.

How often will my home be inspected?

We inspect the exterior of rental properties 2 times per year and a we do a full interior/exterior inspection onece a year in July/Aug. A full report and pictures are sent to you within one week of the inspection. Also all maintenance and repairs that are necessary are scheduled at this time. 

I want to sell my property can you list it for me?

Yes we most certainly we are more than happy to list your property and help you through the selling process.  However, if you were a referral from one of our partner Realtors,  we would get in touch with them to help you list.  We list many of our Owners properties a year and many of the listings we sell to the tenant. It is a great transition.

What type of rental properties do you manage?

We specialize in upper end single family properties.  We also manage nicer duplexes and four-plexes.  But we do any range as long as the owner has not allowed years of differed maintenance.

What areas do you handle?

We manage rental properties in all throughout Ada county.

How much will my house rent for?

We establish a range of rental prices. We will always start at the high end of course, but our policy is to rent properties for our Owners in the quickest amount of time at the highest price.  But, if the phone isn’t ringing, or we are showing the properties and no one hands in an application, we then reduce price by a minimum of $25 every 4 days until the phone rings.  If these adjustments are below $100 from start rate we will contact you for options.  

What if I want you to use my plumber, A/C company, etc?

If our Owners have existing contracts with prefered vendors we will honor them, but they must be in writing for us to track.  We prefer our vendors for then we know they are licensed, meet our standards of quality and are timely. 

Are you a licensed property manager?

In the state of Idaho, Property Managers don’t have to be licensed.  But, we are a licensed Associate Broker office, with the production designation of CRS.  We also have the NARPM designation of RMP.  We have been licensed for 30 years and are definetly qualified to take care of all your property management and real estate needs.

Is the cost of property management deductible?

Yes, it is an expense to the property, but please consult your accountant first.

Why shouldnt I manage my property myself?

We find that the biggest reasons to use a professional property manager are the value you will get for rents, the screening process which limits you risk, the aggressive collection and the experience to know that it is time for unlawful detainer, eviction and the knowledge to complete that process.  Because of our experience of collection we have an average 1 eviction for every 2.5 years. We rarely have to go all the way to formal eviction.

What is the cost to have Hardee Property Management manage my property?

We charge 10% property management fees.  We do not charge any lease renewal fees or lease end fees, we are a straight 10%.  We care for all our properties with the same consistency that we care for our own rental property portfolio.  

What do I need to do to get my property ready for rental?

We will have an initial walk through with you and create a task list to get the property ready to rent, which usually includes professional cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Do I have to pay for every repair?

Yes Owners pay for the repairs and all expenses related to their own rental properties.

Will I ever be contacted by tenants, city, neighbors, homeowners associations, etc?

You may be contacted by the HOA for those issues are liens on the property so you must be notified on all infractions.  But you can request all communication be directed to HPM and we will handle any complaints.  We cannot control neighbors from contacting you especially of you have ever lived in the property.  You Ownership is of public record so we are limited in the screening of who contacts you. We do our best to keep all maintenance, rental payment and application interactions strictly directed to HPM. 

I am currently having my property managed by a company who is not meeting my needs and I need to make a change. However, Im not very comfortable doing this. What should I do?

You can give the current property manager the original notice of termination with our name as a contact and we can take over from there. 

Are there administrative fees or other service charges up and above the property management fees?

Yes a onetime non-refundable set up fee of $200.

What are the policies regarding pets?

We usually don’t allow pets, and never smoking.  It is up to the Owner as what the pet policy will be for each rental property. Some Owners want a pet friendly product offered to tenants and others dont. We do recommend not allowing pets, as the wear and tear is not ideal and any damages exceeding the security deposit can be a cost to the owner.

Is it possible to refuse to rent to families with children?

No it is not possible to refuse to rent to families with children. They are a protected class unless they are a recognized 55 and older community.

What is the average length of tenancy?

We have most of our tenants on 1 year/12 month lease with the option to go month to month for a $75 per month increase. Most leases are considered for a renewal upon the end of the initial 12 month lease, if the tenant has met our standards. 

How do I get started?

Just fill out an email request on our website by clicking on the Owner/Management Services tab or contact us at 208-890-3400 via call or text. You can also directly email us at hardeepropertymanagement@gmail.com.