Our Guarantee

Hardee Real Estate | Property Management is here to stay, with consistent management and care. We strive to provide dependable service and communication to our owners and tenants alike. If after thorough conversations with staff and the owner, you are still not satisfied with our service, you can be released from your contract. 

Please feel free to contact our team any time to interview us or with any questions about your property!

Leasing Services

Step 1: Getting Started

Click on any red hyperlinked bullet below to view the form.

Step 2: Monthly Process

  1. Rents are received.
  2. E-mail if no rent by the 10th of the month.
  3. Scanning of all checks, accounting of all expenses.
  4. Monthly profit and loss report is uploaded to online Owner Portal.
  5. ACH deposit by the 10th of the month approximately, or a notice of non-payment by the tenant

Accounting Services

  • Collection of monthly rents.
  • Income is electronically transferred directly into your bank account (ACH transaction).
  • Monthly statements available on Owner Portal.
  • End of the year account summary statements (TYD) and 1099, available on Owner Portal.
  • All expenses reviewed and paid on time.